OGInsta+ apk download latest version 10.14.0 for Android [2018]

Are you one amongst the passionate followers on Instagram posting pictures and videos always?

Are you really good at mobile photography and has fanatic collections of images? Then, you must be the best Instagrammer’s roaming around.

People love to be noticed and followed on social networks, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

Just like other social network apps, Instagram also requires you to create an account and you will have a profile and news feed. People follow you if they like your pictures and you can follow them back. Thus your network continues to grow.

Latest trend is people share their vacation pictures more on Instagram than any other mode of sharing.

Instagram is all about visual sharing. So everyone will be primarily looking to find the best photos and videos. Every profile is defined by how many people you follow and how many is being followed back.

You can interact on the posts easily by just double tap on the post to “like it” or add a comment at the bottom.

Search tab helps find and add more friends or interesting accounts to follow by using specific usernames or hashtags.

So that being said, there are certain restrictions on Instagram.

You don’t have option to download and save pictures and videos that you like.

To overcome these limitations, app developers have come up with different mods to modify and make a look alike application with some additional features to fulfil your needs.

One such mod is OGInsta+ apk and is being loved by lot of Instagram users because of its amazing features and options. OGInsta+ is also called as OGInstagram developed by OGMODS.

The most interesting feature of OG Instagram is the option to download and save any images and videos on your phone.

There are many other fascinating features that I am going to tell you here…



  • Download any images and profile pictures on using OGInstagram without taking screenshot and cropping them later

instagram profile

  • You can easily know who is following you and who is not. You don’t need any third party application to do this


  • Share links on feeds easily


  • You can zoom in and zoom out of your favourite images


  • Download stories from Instagram


  • With the help of Notifications, you can track who liked your photos, videos and stories on Instagram


  • You can have two Instagram accounts on your phone without any issues


  • No root required to install OGInsta+

These are some of the prominent features of OGInstagram. You can explore more when you download and start using it on your own.

Let us now look at the technical specs of OGInstagram


App Name
Last Updated
June 22, 2017
Android Version
4.0 and above
App size
Required Root


Now let me tell you the installation process in detail to help you download and install OGInsta+


Step 1 – Download the apk file from the link below on your smartphone or tablet

Click Here to Download APK

Step 2 – Uninstall the original Instagram by going to Settings > Apps > Instagram > Uninstall the application if you do not wish to have two Instagram accounts

Step 3 – Enable the Security settings by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

Lock Screen and Security

Step 4 – Go to Download folder and start installing the downloaded apk file. Accept the terms and conditions when prompted

Step 5 – After successful installation, just enter your Instagram account details and you are done!

Surprise your friends by downloading their profile pictures and awesome videos.

If your phone Android version is 6.0 and above you have to complete few more steps to install OGInsta+

  1. Follow the same process to install OGInsta+ on your phone and then Go to “Settings” > “Apps” and search for OGInsta+
  2. Now turn on all the Permission. Storage permission must be turned ON for storing images and videos in phone gallery
  3. OGInsta+ is now ready to use

I believe you did not face any issues while downloading OGInsta+ on your phone. If you have any questions, just drop it in the comments box below and we will ensure you get your answers.

However I thought it is a good idea to list down some of the most frequently asked questions so you need not struggle browsing numerous websites for answers



OG Instagram – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to uninstall original Instagram before using OGInsta+?

There is no need to uninstall original Instagram unlike in other mod Instagram Plus. OGInstagram will allow you to have both Instagram on the same phone

  1. Can I auto play the videos on Instagram Plus?

Yes, you can play videos automatically with sound on Instagram Plus

  1. How to zoom on follower’s profile pictures?

You can double tap on the profile picture and zoom to enlarge the image

  1. Can I use OGInsta+ on Iphone?

No, OGInsta+ is only compatible with Android Version 4.0 and above. Please refer to the technical information given above

  1. Is it safe to download OGInsta+?

OGInsta+ apk is completely safe for download as it is tested thoroughly and all the bugs are fixed

  1. Do we need a router to download OGInsta+ on Android?

No, router is not required on your Android phone to install OGInsta+

  1. Do we need any other third party apps to install OGInsta+?

There is no need of any third party applications to support or install OGInsta+

  1. What is the difference in the interface between OGInsta+ and Instagram

The Interface between OGInsta+ and Instagram is almost same except for the display of the app name on top reads OGInsta+ instead of Instagram

I believe you are enjoying your Instagram journey with OGInsta+ and using all its features thoroughly and surprising your friends. Keep updating and experiencing amazing OGInsta+