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Blackmart APK

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What if I tell you Google Play Store is not available anymore on your Android smartphone?

You can’t download any games, apps, books and so on.

Feels like shocked – Isn’t it?

Well, if I say we still have a hope…

There is an alternate to Google Play Store which allows you to download all your favourite paid apps and games for completely free of cost – Sounds really unbelievable right?

But, that’s a reality. We do have an app that can do your work easily on your smartphone.

Here I introduce you to the famous “BLACKMART APK APP” that’s taking over the entire world by its revolutionary features of getting paid apps for free!

In simple words more and more people are downloading Blackmart APK in place of Google Play Store to get the apps and games for free.

Blackmart has completely changed the way world is using their Android devices now.  You don’t have to worry of spending your earnings on apps and games anymore.

You must be thinking Blackmart is some black market that sells illegal items and scripts. However, that’s not at all what it does.

So, don’t just go by the name “Blackmart” that is also called as “Black Market APK” or “Blackmart Alpha”. These names are used interchangeably in the market but it all means the same.

As I just said, Blackmart is a nice alternative to Google Play Store. It is loaded with all the apps and games, no trail versions or paying for those apps.

You will get the full access of the software allowing you to download right onto your Android smartphone or tablet, and, you don’t need to pay a single cent.

I’m sure you are impressed by Blackmart now. You will be amazed after you read the features of Blackmart APK.

Features of Blackmart APK

  • Alternate to Google Play Store to download paid apps and games for free


  • All the apps available on Blackmart are of full version. There are no trial version


  • Allows you to download premium apk versions free of cost


  • Does not require any registration and hence no need to sign-in to your email account


  • You can find all the versions of the app. If you download an older version, Blackmart will prompt you to update your app to the new version. This way your app will always be up to date


  • Since Blackmart will always be updated on time automatically, you will never have to worry for reinstalling an updated version


  • Downloading the apps and games are more easier and faster


  • Easily save the apps and games on the SD card


  • Browse and choose from tons of apps category wise, making it easier for download


  • You have option to choose older version of an app in case you wish not to upgrade to latest version

You can explore all these features when you download the Blackmart apk from the quick download link below

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Just to let you know, below is the technical information of Blackmart apk. This helps you understand the basic requirements and be prepared before installation on Blackmart on your device

Technical Information of Blackmart APK

Package Name
Version (992119)
File Size 5.5MB
Android Version required 2.3.2 and above
Root Required No
Last updated Feb 2018


Now, I will tell you how to install Blackmart apk on your device. You can directly download on your phone or tablet or just do it on your computer and later transfer the file to your device SD card using a USB cable.

If you are prepared to install Blackmart apk, please see the below installation guide. This will help you to download the apk file without any hassles

Installation guide for Blackmart APK

Step 1 – Enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your phone

Go to “Settings” >> Security >> Enable Unknown Sources

Lock Screen and Security

Step 2 – Download Blackmart apk file from the download link given below

Click Here to Download APK

Step 3 – After download, open the file and install it like any other app

Step 4 – Allow for any access permissions prompted after installation

Step 5 – After completing the download go to “Search” bar and search for any apps or games that you wish to download

Step 6 – You will get the list of all the apps, just click on the install button to use the app

After a successful installation, you are free to use any apps and download your favourite games.


There is one word of caution that is worthy to be said for Blackmart apk. Some of the paid apps available on Blackmart are the cracked version of apps and may contain some malicious files that may harm your device. To avoid such risks, it is always safe to have an updated Anti-Virus on your phone or tablet.

I hope you will be able to easily download the apk file without any issues. Let us know if you find any problem with the link or need any further information in the comments below. My team will get back with solution soon!

Download the Blackmart app and get hooked to your favourite game!

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