A Comprehensive Guide to APK files 2018

What are APK files?

What are APK files?

Android Application Package (APK) is the files in zip format consisting the program codes which are used by Android phones for the distribution and installation of applications in a mobile phone.

It can be installed similar to software on a personal computer. If you are downloading a file from Google play or some unofficial site, then you are dealing with a download of APK file. A  Developer can get APK directly by installing to a personal computer.

What is the need to install APK files?

You may need APK files to download various applications and have proper access to those apps which otherwise you couldn’t take benefits of. If your android application is not connected with Google play store,

APK files are the last hope for you to enjoy the benefits of various applications. Also, you need to be careful about pirated apps. APK files sometimes lead to the download of applications which are fake so you need to beware of those apps.


What are the ways to download APK files?

APK files can be downloaded from Google play store. First of all, you need to choose the type of APK and while downloading it; you need to select a trustworthy site.

Beware of Malicious APK files which are present on the internet. When you start downloading the file on the personal computer, the very next step is to install the app in the Android phones and unknown access should be allowed to the phone.

APK mirror is preferable to download the files because it is one of the safest sites. Once you are done with the download, you need to connect your device with the computers be it data cable or blue-tooth.

After copying the APK files into your device, you can find the location of the files and hit the install button. Ensure that it is in working condition.


You can also install the APK files on your device directly by searching into the browser and picking up the required one. Just tap on the download file and it will install automatically once the download is complete.

APK VPN is one of the methods for quickest and simplest method to install the files on the Android system. Also, you can install an application to download the files on your system.




As, APK files are in demand huge days, listed below are some APK file downloads which are used by people worldwide

Whatsapp plus – I don’t need to give an introduction to Whatsapp and it’s wonderful features. But, what if I tell you there is more icing on the cake if you download Whatsapp Plus.

Whatsapp Plus

You want more privacy options so that your contacts won’t see if you are online.

Don’t want that blue checks that confirm if you have read the message? Just hide it!

You can even hide double checks unlike in other version of Whatsapp. Above all, you don’t need to appear online for your contacts. Just hide your status and still enjoy Whatsapp Plus freely.

Another amazing option is setting your own password for chats that you don’t want other to see.

Apart from privacy settings, you can enjoy really cool UI options. You can share beautiful themes that you love to see on your Whatsapp Plus and share it easily by just a click with your friends.

Enjoy ubercool file sharing options upto 50 MB, no matter if the file is a PDF, TXT or EXE format.

Whatsapp Plus is simple to use and easy to download. Do not forget to take back up of your whatsapp messages and then download the ALL new Whatsapp Plus.


Gbwhatsapp – Good news for Andriod and Whatsapp lovers! You can now get rid of boring whatsapp and enjoy the new GBWhatsapp – an official Whatsapp mod version  The best part is you don’t need to uninstall your present whatsapp nor lose Gbwhatsappany chat messages. You can use GBWhatsapp along your Whatsapp and enjoy both the accounts in one Android device.

That’s an amazing thing isn’t it?

With a dedicated menu available called GBWhatsapp Settings, you can now copy multiple whatsapp messages without date and name of the sender. There’s lot more to it if you download this latest Version 6.25 by following the proper instructions.


Ogwhatsapp – Don’t feel sad to just use one Whatsapp account on your Android phone. Those days are gone! Here comes the latest and more advanced mod of Whatsapp that will enable you to have not just two but three Whatsapp account on your ONE Ogwhatsappandroid phone.

With some awesome tweaks in privacy options, customized chat heads, main screen tick style and much more. Be more expressive in your chats with super cool emjois .

You can also block calls from specific contacts; send message broadcast upto 600 members. Download this now to enjoy lot more features and stay online always!

Ogyoutube Are you struggling to download Youtube videos directly to your phone memory? Worry not! Here comes the best alternate version of Youtube video downloader without logging to your account.Ogyoutube

Ogyoutube has stunning usability and interface, which is why it is the best of all. All you need to do is just press a download button below the video you are watching and choose the format and quality of the video and phew! You are done.

If you just want MP3 format of the video i.e. you don’t want to download video but just the audio Ogyoutube is the best. You don’t need to struggle to copy the link and use some app to convert them to MP3 format. Download and enjoy the best of videos

Instagram plus – Here is the tailored version of Instagram for all the Instagram fans! Just ensure you don’t already have the certified client installed at the similar time.

One of the most interesting features is the option to zoom- in on the picture with just tapping on it. If you are a video person, you have option to auto start videos with sound.Instagram plus

You can even track who is following you, download images and videos. Just do a long click and you can view the full profile picture.

There are still long list of features that you can use and enjoy Instagram. All you need is to download one and follow the instructions carefully that’s it.


OGInsta+ – For all my Social Media geeks and Instagram fans, OGinsta+ presents all new features to download the pictures and videos that you like on Instagram. You don’t need to struggle by taking screenshot of profile pictures, crop them and save it in your gallery.OGInsta+

Traditional Instagram don’t have option to see who is following you. You had to depend on a third party application to see that. Now, with OGinsta+ you can easily know who is following you and who is not.

Download the OGinsta+ and explore more features all by yourself.




Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher APK – you might be afraid of unwanted interrupts while dealing with APK files. This android application ensures the removal of unwanted ads, restore important applications, verification of licenses, detour the application licenses and much more.

It has many updates such as version- 6.3.1, version 6.3.3, version 6.0.1 and much more. You have the real granted permissions to create the backups, change the permissions and run the applications in a state which you otherwise couldn’t.

it is very simple to use and you just have to tap on the list of the files present in the lucky patcher APK and you ‘ll have the access along with the information of the files.


Google Play Store APK – Google Play store offers a variety of APK files with a secure and easy download to your Android systems or personal computers.Google Play Store APK

It is a large place and you can find your favourite APK files from the store. This store is way better than fake site providing malicious APK files.

If you are carrying an Android device or Non- IOS device and you want to download Google play store APK file, then search then search the internet, choose the trustworthy site and find a safe link to download the file.

After the download, install the application onto your device.


KODI APK – this APK file helps you in easy downloads of music, photographs, movies and much more. Not only it works on Windows and Linux but IOS and Android also. Also, it can convert the video song to MP3 and you can enjoy listening to the type of music you want.KODI APK

All the video and audio formats are supported by it. People can play the LIVE T.V on Google play and record it as well.

You can also import the pictures from the library and add on filters and arrange it according to your wish.  LODI APK- 17.0 RC2 is the latest upgrade and that one package carries many advantages.



MINECRAFT APK – Minecraft APK is an edition of the game which is based on creating a universe by building the blocks. The graphics, sound, screenplay and the concept of the game are kept very simple yet quite interesting.MINECRAFT APK

The pocket edition of this game is a universal app and you can download this excellent APK game from Google play store. You just have to pay once and you can enjoy the benefits lifetime.


SHOWBOX APK -You may find number of apps to download and stream TV shows and movies. But the best one is “Show Box APK”. I’ll tell you why.

Unlike many apps, Show box allows you to not only download movies but also lets you play and download music. So music lovers you must explore Show Box app


Show Box app’s interface is really very impressive. On the left side of the screen you will find the dropdown menu where you can select all your choice of movies, TV shows and music albums. You can take a look at your downloads as well as see the newly added content.

You have option to download the movies in any resolution you want like 480p, 720p or even 1080p

Show Box has another interesting feature of automatically uploading the subtitles. To do this you may have to open an OpenSubtitles account.

Overall, it’s a good app for purely entertainment purpose allowing you to stream and watch your favourite movies.

Download the apk and explore all the amazing features on your own.



TUBEMATE APK – tube mate APK files are used to download the videos from youtube in high quality so that you can watch TUBEMATE APKthem offline. Also, you can convert the videos into MP3 format and listen to your favourite songs.

You can manage background downloading as well I.e- surfing the internet while downloading a particular video or watching that video online the one you are downloading. Multi downloads can also be done through this application.



Whatsapp APK – whats app APK files are the files present on the internet or Google play store through which you can get whats app messenger. Whatsapp requires no fees. The install is free of cost.Whatsapp APK

You can send unlimited messages to the people also the images and videos can be sent free of cost. The new version of Messenger has come forward with an update of free unlimited audio and video calling. You can enjoy group chat as well.

Whatsapp web allows using WhatsApp on the personal computer. There are no international charges for calling or text via whats app.


FREEDOM APK Do you feel frustrated when you run out of chances to move ahead in your favourite game only because you need to buy those goodies and add-on features of that game?


You don’t have to worry now because freedom APK files let you download and access the free applications which you could not avail without having an international card. All you have to do is to get freedom APK files and enjoy the benefits of premium apps free of cost.

This is what most of us feel and get disheartened and stop playing the game. Else, you have to pay your hard earned money to continue. But, that’s not possible either looking at how much money you end up spending for all the games that you play.

This problem of thousands of gamers is now “SOLVED”!

There is a FREE app that helps you unlock all that you need to play the game you like.

And, the app is called – “FREEDOM APK”

Freedom APK is an app that makes it easy for you to buy all the paid in-app add on’s and goodies for your favourite games and apps on Google Play store. It’s one app that lets you be hooked on to your games and never stop you from being the winner!

All you need is an Android device with Version 2.3 and above to install this wonderful app.

You just need to download the latest apk file from our website and install it on your phone or Tablet.

Remember you need a “Rooted” Android version to use Freedom APK.

After installation, select the app for which you want to make a purchase. Click on the “Buy” button where Freedom APK will provide false credit card information and lets you complete the purchase.

After this, you can continue with your game or enjoying your app.

Try this out and explore the unlimited options that Freedom APK has to offer!



FACEBOOK APK – Facebook APK files let you download the Facebook application. It lets you connect with people present around the globe.FACEBOOK APK

You can share pictures, your thoughts and maintain a strong privacy by protecting your personal information from rest of the world. All you have to do is to download the APK file either from Google store or from APK mirror.

You can text your friends, have a voice call and a video call free of cost. You can also block non-appropriate users who are poking you always.

YOUTUBE APK – YouTube APK files let you download the application of YouTube free of cost. You can save the videos in offline mode and watch it later.YOUTUBE APK

Also, you can subscribe your favourite You Tubers and watch their posts on regular basis. You can watch your favourite video songs and T.v shows online free of cost. This application keeps you up to date with trailers and latest releases.

Also if you are news lover or want to gain some general knowledge, then YouTube is the perfect platform for you.

BLACKMART APK – Blackmart APK is similar to Google play store. The only difference between both the stores is that blackmart allows you to download paid apps free of cost. It has a variety of apps. If you are an Android user then you can use the benefits of this application.BLACKMART APK

The new version Black Mart Alpha has new exciting features where you can have one click installs. You don’t have to make an account or register somewhere. It is free of cost. You ‘ll definitely fall in love with this application.

It Is user-friendly and it shows no advertisements or app purchases. It is easy to use and is compatible with android phones and windows operating system.


INSTAGRAM APK – Instagram APK files help you in the download of APK files where you can download the application. Instagram lets you surf the pictures and connect you with the people over the globe.INSTAGRAM APK

You can download the APK files from Google Play store or from some trustworthy site providing a link to it. You can upload picture and videos .

also you can DM your friends, have a video chat as well. You are given an opportunity to keep your account private or visible to all. You cam upload your brief bio on your profile. This application is free of cost and amazing to use.


VIDMATE APK – Are you a movie lover? no worries, you can download different movies with the help of Vid mate APK files. You can get the application from Google Play Store or from APK mirror, one of the trustworthy sites.VIDMATE APK

This site won’t let you miss even a single movie you wish to watch. It gives an option to download the movie in different video qualities. Also, you can watch latest releases on Vid Mate without paying a single penny.




POKEMON GO APK – well, now Pokemon is not only present on the T.V but you can enjoy the Pokemon hunt with this game. You can search for Pokemon, go for a war at the temples. You have to get this app from Google play store or any other site. No more hassles you have to face.POKEMON GO APK

Download Pokemon APK and enjoy this game for free of cost. You need not have to buy an international card or international ID to play this game. If you are a game addict, go for this application. Also, it is compatible with Windows, IOS and Android mobile phones.

CRACKED APK – If you are a game lover and you want to get all the games on one platform then you should get cracked APK files from the internet free of cost. It helps you in getting even those games which are free of cost.

Just download and install it, you ‘ll view a number of games such as subway surf, jet pack joyride, Leo’s Fortune and much more. You can also get photo editing apps from cracked APK. Now that you can edit your picture and transform it into a really beautiful one.

UC BROWSER APK – UC browser lets you download, search/ surf or attains any form of knowledge, check your emails. It is basically a browser for your mobile phone as well as operating systems.UC BROWSER APK

To get the UC APK files. You can check Google play store, one of the safest and easiest downloads you can have.

This browser lets you search your heart out. Free of cost browser, easy to install and use. You can even go for image search or for some relevant information. It helps you in fetching the information easily.


GTA VICE CITY APK – people who are fond of games can go for GTA vice city APK file. You can achieve the cheat codes free of cost and enjoy the high definition graphics. The APK files are compatible with the Operating system.GTA VICE CITY APK

Also, all the bugs are fixed and you can enjoy all the versions of this game absolutely free.

So we discussed a few prominent apk files above. You can select APK files in accordance to your need.

You just have to take care of yourself from fake sites providing the malicious software promising earlier access to some non-introduced app. which can further damage the performance of your operating system or mobile phone.


Nova Launcher Prime APKChange is the only constant in this world. Psychologists say that a new look and feel of anything that you use everyday increases your cognitive ability and happiness quotient.

Wondering what I am talking about? I’ll tell you in a short while.

But answer this first – Which is the most important thing that you cannot live without using it?

One Common Answer – Of course, Mobile Phones!  You and mobile phone is just inseparable.

But, tell me one thing – Aren’t you bored of the same home screen and the way apps are structured on your phone?Nova Launcher Prime APK

I will definitely feel bored. I need change.

One day while I was browsing for an app that modifies my home screen, I came across what is called as “NOVA LAUNCHER PRIME APK”

I was surprised by its awesome features and millions of downloads of the app.

Nova Launcher is the best and most preferred app when it comes to customizing your Android screen.

Nova Launcher Prime is a paid version on Google Play Store, however you can download for free on our website.

Nova Launcher is highly optimized for better performance and 100% safe to download and use it on your Android device.

You can enjoy lot of features like Icon themes, Scrollable Dock, Color Controls, Improved Widget Drawer and many more.

Download the Nova Launcher Prime today and explore the amazing features. Just change how your phone looks!

Quick Shortcut Maker APK– We often get lost in number of apps that are there on our Android phone. Whenever we need to quickly access any app, need to browse and scroll through all the apps, get frustrated and just leave it. This kind of experience is quite awful.

The best way to get rid of this frustration is creating a shortcut of your most frequently used apps. Though you can do it by using the widget on your phone but you won’t be able to do it for all the apps.

That’s why there are mods developed to make it easier to create shortcuts.

Here I introduce to one of the best shortcut creation app called as “QUICK SHORTCUT MAKER APK”Quick Shortcut Maker APK

With Quick Shortcut Maker APK you can create shortcut of almost anything on your phone. The file size is very small, just 2.0MB.

Quick Shortcut Maker has a very interactive and easy to use layout helping you to create or remove any shortcut easily.

It works on all Android devices with version 1.6 and above which makes it pretty easy for phones with very old version of Android as well.

Quick Shortcut Maker is very easy to install and use. After installation, grant the required permission if your Android version is 6.0 and above. You will get list of apps after you open Quick Shortcut Maker.

Edit and create the shortcut for the app. You can even change the icon of the app shortcut.

Isn’t it interesting? Then, what are you waiting for? Download Quick Shortcut Maker now!

Mobdro APK– Is there always a fight between your kids on which channel or movie to play on TV? I’m sure you must be tired of the nasty fights they have every day.

I have a solution for your problem! Give them their phones and an app that helps stream movies, sports, TV Shows, documentaries and many more.

Yes, the app is called “MOBDRO APK”. You just need to download the app on your Android device and enjoy all that you want to watch.Mobdro APK

Agreed that there are plenty of such apps available but, there is one unique feature of Mobdro APK.

Other apps will have option to select a specific movies or episode that you like to watch. However, in Mobdro you have a huge list of channels from which you can select and watch endless episodes and movies.

In addition to movies, Mobdro also airs sporting events and streaming of many other traditional TV shows.  You can also download the videos and movies to watch later.

So end the fight for watching your favourite show and enjoy it on your phone at your convenience.


Game Guardian APK-Game Guardian is a way to your victory for Android games on mobile phones. You can easily hack the code of the games to enhance your chances of getting some more free lives, gems and other goodies of the game.

In simple words, Game Guardian is an app that lets you modify the Android game content to take more advantage of the games.Game Guardian APK

Since it requires permission and access to other apps of Android, you need to have a rooter version of Android. Else, Game Guardian will not work properly.

Once you install Game Guardian, you can leave the app running in the background with a transparent icon that you can see on the screen.

When you run a game, just open the process of the app that you want to modify and change the required value using the options available. For example, use the hexadecimal editor to change the number of lives you can get for a game.

There are number of such features that can aid you in hacking your favourite games.

A word of caution – this method is not legal and you account may get banned when noticed by the game developers.

How to download APK files free of cost?

Well, the internet is over flooded with free APK files. You have to be clever enough to download the real APK files.

After selecting an APK and a trustworthy site, Google play store to be preferred in terms of easiness and secure download. You just have to track the location of the download of APK into your system or mobile phone and tap on install.  Some APK demand one-time payment and you can enjoy the credits lifetime.

What are the ways to manage APK files?

There are many ways to deal with APK files. Discussed below are some of the ways. –

APK DOWNLOADER – you can track your APK files through Google or download from other forums. If you’re downloading any APK file from Google search it, click on download.

The link through which you are downloading works same as the Google play store. You can also download an older version of the application by yourself which is compatible with your Android device.

APK WERERABBIT – It is one of the best APK file managers. It is one of the powerful apps and easy to use. You can easily export and import the APK files. You can also have the benefits of the apps which are not present on the Google play store. You can also make the backups to your SD card through WERERABBIT

How do we delete APK files?

A Comprehensive Guide to APK files 2018

Well, many people are concerned with this fact because APK files consume a large space of the mobile phone. You can install a file manager which will let you know about the APK files which are no longer required on the phone or in the operating system.

Also, you can easily remove those junk files from there. You may have deleted the application but the file is occupying the space which is of no use. If you are concerned about the mobile space,

then you can try this method of installing the app manager and get the details about junk APK files. It is one the easiest and fastest method of maintaining your phone memory by removing the APK files on the time.

You can also install file total commander. You can browse the APK files present on your system using the .apk extension. You ‘ll have a list of files. you can also install some application which will definitely help you to manage your operating system or Android phone.

It said that most of the times when you uninstall an application, you ‘ll find that the APK files vanish from your system. Installing some apps may help you in automatically deleting the APK files which are not in use.

A brief on paid APK files –

Some APK files are paid. Actually, not all the APK files are paid but some of them are. You have to pay just once for them and enjoy the benefits lifetime.

Secondly, if you are not at all willing to pay for those APK files, you can install the software which will redirect you to those APK files which are free of cost and similar to the paid APK files.

Some of the files such as games cheat codes for different games, or some editing application requires one-time payment to maintain the importance and the quality of it.

If you are wishing to pay one time for the APK file, make sure some key points in your mind such as – you are downloading the file from a trustworthy site so that you do not land up with a malicious software. Also, you should verify the mode of payment.

The most trusted APK file download sites are – Google play store, Lassy Project and APK mirror.

The Verdict-  APK files are used to install the Android applications on your mobile phones which would not have been possible without it. You can find various APK files on the internet especially from Google play store and Lassy Project.

Try to download it from these two because the internet is full of malicious files.

We hope this article has given you a good idea about APK files and the most popular apk files. Do let us know your experience with APK files and which ones do you like the most.

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