OgYouTube Download Version 4.2 [Updated] for 2018

YouTube is one and only largest video search engine used worldwide to watch videos.

It is not only used for entertainment but as a major educational/learning platform that caters to almost everyone’s need just like how Google does as the No.1 “Search Engine”

Needless to say how YouTube has taken major stake in our online life.

Did you ever feel the need to download a very educative video or your favourite music album, but you felt sad because you are unable to do it on YouTube.

You just can’t download those videos you can only watch them again and again.

What if I tell you there is a way you can download those videos? Surprised right?

I’m telling you the truth! You can do it by using YouTube Mods specially developed to cater to the needs of millions of people.

One of the best YouTube Mod developed is “OgYouTube”.

All you need to do is install this apk file on your Android phone. So easy isn’t it?

I will guide you through complete step by step process to install OgYouTube and its amazing features.

What is OgYouTube?

OgYouTube is a mod developed for YouTube to download videos on your smartphone. You just need to click once and the video will be on your device storage.

There is no change in UI and OGYouTube appears very much similar to YouTube.

There is a “download” button that appears on the videos you are watching; you just need to click on it. Video will get saved instantly on your phone and you can watch it whenever you want.

You have the ability to download videos in any quality including 720p High definition (HD) quality videos. Once you hit the download button, just select the video quality and it will be saved as per your choice.

OgYouTube – Technical Information


App size 42MB
Version 3.5
Developers OgMods


Total Downloads 500,000+
Android Version Android 4.1+
Required Root No


OgYouTube – Features

1. Video Download

This is the basic feature of OgYouTube – downloading the 720p HD quality videos from YouTube conveniently.

2. Interactive UI

OgYouTube is the best YouTube video downloader when it comes to user friendly interactive UI.

Even a complete newbie will be able to download videos easily without any hassles. UI is so convenient and powerful that you will almost forget the native YouTube to watch videos.

3. Background Playback

OgYouTube has the best feature to play the videos in the background if you wish to only listen to the audio.background playback

This will save your battery as well as makes it easy to handle if you want to operate anything else on your phone. Videos will not stop playing if you move away from YouTube.

4. Off Screen Mode

This is one of the best features of OgYouTube app. As I mentioned above you can play the videos while you are chatting or browsing your phone.

To activate this feature you have to enable the “Off Screen” mode and the rest will be taken care by the app.

5. POP UP Playback

There is an option to play videos in the playback mode. You have a popup that will help you navigate between videos, pause, stop or forward them while you use your phone for something else. This swipe control is integrated beautifully in OgYouTube.

6. Sign-In option

Sign-in to your YouTube directly from the app and download all the related videos even from history and subscribed channels

OgYouTube Installation & User Guide

Unlike other apps OgYouTube is not available on Google Play Store to download and install on your Android phone. You can overcome this difficulty by downloading the apk file from a trusted website.

To make it easy for you I have placed the download link below which is 100% safe and ad-free.

Along with OgYouTube apk you also need to download apk named Micro-G for proper functioning of OgYouTube. This is nothing but an addon for OgYouTube.

Click Here to Download APK

Let us now see step-by-step instructions on how to download OgYouTube on your smart phone

STEP 1 – Go to your phone Settings > Select Security option. Enable the “Install from Unknown Source” option

Lock Screen and Security


STEP 2 – Open the file manager in your device and Go to Downloads folder. You will find OgYouTube.apk file. Click on the file


STEP 3 – Click on “Install” to install the app on your smart phone

STEP 4 – Wait till the installation process is completed. This might take less than a minute

OGYourtube Installtion

STEP 5 – After the application is successfully installed you will see a confirmation on your screen with a “Check” mark

STEP 6 – Repeat the same steps to install MicroG. You can start using OgYouTube from the list of apps

Micro-g for OgYoutube

Next, I will tell you how to download videos along with screenshots that will help you understand better.


STEP 1 – Open the app and click on “OK” to allow the permissions

STEP 2 – Press the back button and application will prompt for accessing some of other apps in your device like photos, media and files on your device. It will also ask permission to access your contacts.

As part of confirmation, allow all the permission for the app to function properly

STEP 3 – Select any video or search for a video in the “Search” bar of your choice

STEP 4 – Once you play the video you will find two buttons and one of them is “Download” button to download the videos on your phone

STEP 5 – Once you click on the “Download” button, videos will be directly saved on your phone storage

This completes the process of installation and downloading your favourite videos on your phone

Let’s now see how to play videos in the background using OgYouTube

As I mentioned earlier you will find two buttons below the video. One is “Download” and the other one is “Background”. If you click on this button you will be able to play videos in the background.

This will give you the pleasure of listening to your videos in the background while you can use your phone for anything else.

Let’s take a quick sneak-peek on other settings available on OgYouTube app

Once you go to “Settings” in OgYouTube you can enable or disable certain features like changing the download folder destination.

This is really helpful in managing your phone memory because you can download all the videos directly on to your external storage device.

Imagine if you want to move all those videos from your favourite channel to your laptop, it’s very easy now.

Other settings that you have are “swipe controls”. You can enable or disable swipe to seek the next track; change the volume and brightness.

You can even have control on whether to “Auto Start” download. If you enable this option you don’t need to click on download for every video. This option is really useful when you are downloading videos in series from a channel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Have a look at some of the frequently asked questions about OgYouTube. This will be helpful even if you come across such questions.

  1. What to do if videos are not played in the background?

This might be a problem with the settings of OgYouTube app. Go to “Settings” > “Downloads” and click on the check box “Enable Screen-Off Playback” and “Enable Background Playback”. This will solve your problem

  1. I have issues with sign-in, how to fix it?

If you are unable to sign-in to your account, you may have to download additional 3 apps that will fix this issue. Download them one after the other and install the same way as ou install any other app. 3 apps are:

  • Google Services Framework (GSF)
  • Google Account Manager (GAM)
  • Google Play Services (GMS)

After installation of these apps, OgYouTube will start working without any issues. Sign-in issue was mainly due to Gapps not installed and you were using custom ROM.

If you come across more questions and need help please post them in the comments box and I will see to it that you get our answer.

Undoubtedly, OgYouTube is the best YouTube video downloader. Click on the download link below, install and enjoy all the features of OgYouTube on your phone.

Cheers and Have Fun!