GBWhatsApp – Download Latest Version 6.25 for 2018 [UPDATED]

To all the Whatsapp lovers, here’s good news to improvise the look and feel of your Whatsapp.

Now, no need to see the same boring screen with limited privacy options…

These restrictions can be easily overcome by Whatsapp Mods that amplify the power of Whatsapp.

Lots of Whatsapp Mods are available for download on internet.

However, there are two such popular Whatsapp Mods, one is Whatsapp Plus and the other is GBWhatsApp that has unique features that enhances usability of Whatsapp every day.

Though the features of these Mods are more or less same there is still differences worth to note.

I will help you with all the features and complete instructions to install GBWhatsApp on your Android Smartphone

Before I tell you all the features of GBWhatsApp, below is the technical information that you may want to know before you download.

GBWhatsApp Version – 2018 (Information)

Version Name                             6.25
App Size                                       34.9 MB
Android Version                        Android 4.0 and above
App Name                                  GBWhatsApp
Root Required?                        No
Category                                    WA Mods
Installs                                       5 Million +



Gb Whatsapp


Privacy Features

If you want to keep your Whatsapp personal, then GBWhatsApp is the best choice. Let me tell you why.


  • Hide Online Status – Don’t want to show your online status to your contacts? Just hide it freely in GBWhatsApp


  • Hide Blue check marks – You don’t need to show your contacts that you have read their message. GBWhatsApp gives you the permission to hide this option


  • Hide double check marks – If you wish not to display double check marks for the messages you receive, just make it to a single check mark


  • Disable typing… status – Whenever you are typing a message you can see “typing…” status on the chat header. Now there is no need to keep this on your GBWhatsApp


  • Hide Recording Status – When you wish to record and you don’t want your contacts to see that you are recording, just hide this status easily


  • Hide view status – if you don’t want your name to appear, you can hide view status for contacts


  • Revoke messages – Revoke multiple messages at once and for all


  • DND Mode – You can enable Do-Not-Disturb mode which will disable internet and you will not receive any messages


  • Password protection for chats – If you wish to keep some chats private, just add a password and lock it. No one will be able to see the chat

Application Features

Here are the fantastic application features that you can find on GBWhatsApp

  • Auto Reply – Send automatic replies to your contacts when you cannot respond just like how you can send a message when you disconnect a call


  • Group Creation – Now you can easily create a group and send the link to join in just a clickwhatsapp Function


  • Message Broadcast – You can send text message broadcast to 600 people at once


  • Emojis and GIFs – Enjoy completely new set of Emojis and GIF’s to make your chatting more fun


  • Make calls – You can now make calls to numbers that are not stored as contacts on your phone


  • Restrict Auto download – If you don’t want to restrict the auto download of media files, you can do so. You can enable the auto download option only from selected contacts/groups


  • Message Scheduler – You have a need to send certain messages only at certain time, there is a message scheduler for your rescue. Just update the schedule and you are done.


  • Group name settings – You can have a group name upto 35 characters


  • Media sharing – Now share videos upto 50MB at once. Send EBooks and any other format of documents easily by just attaching in the chat window. Also, you can send 90 images at once instead of just 10


  • Character limit for status messages – Character limit is now increased to 225 instead of 139 in native Whatsapp


  • Language support – You get an option to choose your language from 100 different languagesLanguage support


  • Copy Status – You can copy status of other contact on the clipboard


  • Themes – Enjoy your chatting with cool themes that you can change whenever you want and share them with your friends easily. Also you can create your own theme and submit to GBWhatsApp


  • 24 hours online – Stay online for 24 hours, but you may end up losing a good battery life


  • Dual Whatsapp – You don’t need to uninstall original Whatsapp if you want to keep it intact. There will be no ban issues and you can enjoy both the Whatsapp on your phone

So, these are the highlights of the features available for GBWhatsApp. You can start exploring all of them when you download and install on your phone.



Let me now tell you how to install GBWhatsApp on your Smartphone without losing chats from the other Whatsapp

Step One – First step to complete before installing GBWhatsApp is to download the apk file.

Click Here to Download APK

Step Two – If you wish to keep all the messages that are there in your original Whatsapp, you need to take backup of all messages.

Go to Settings – Chats – Chat Back Up – Press the “Backup” button

Wait until the backup is complete. Then go to file manager and change Whatsapp folder name to GBWhatsAppLock Screen and Security

Step Three – Go to Settings –Security – Enable Unknown Sources

Step Four – Now install the GBWhatsApp on your Android device which you can find it in the Download folder

whatsapp install

Step Five – Open GBWhatsApp link and click on AGREE AND CONTINUE to provide all necessary access

Step Six – Enter your mobile number and verify by entering the OTP. Verification might take a little while as you need to get the verification code

Step Seven – Restore backup of all your messages. Wait for few minutes to complete the restoration process

Step Eight – Enter your name and choose your profile picture

That’s it! Your new GBWhatsApp is ready to use. Change themes and others settings as mentioned in the list of features above and enjoy it completely!

I know some of you may be a little sceptical to download and use.

GBWhatsApp mostly because of some questions in mind. Let me answer some of the frequently asked questions that were asked from users like you and me…




  1. Is GBWhatsApp safe to install?

Yes, GBWhatsApp is absolutely safe and tested

2. Can I install GBWhatsApp on Iphone?

GBWhatsApp is not available for Iphone

3. Can I use two Whatsapp accounts on the same phone?

Yes, you can have both Whatsapp accounts on your phone but with two different mobile numbers

4.Is there any difference between WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp?

All the features are more or less same on both the Mods

5.Can I set password for chats?

Yes, you can set password for some chats that you want to keep private

You may have some more questions before/after you start using GBWhatsApp. Let us know if you need to know more or have any issues while installing.

Just leave your comment and we will make our best efforts to answer you real quick!